• Alex Park

    Technology Entrepreneur

    Born 1991 in Carson, CA

    San Francisco & Los Angeles

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I realized I would be an entrepreneur for life at the age of 14 when I discovered you could make thousands of dollars selling hip-hop beats to rappers over the Internet. I was hooked and I have never really stopped.

Now 10 years later, I have personally generated $40,000+ through multiple lean small businesses, collaborated with executives at multiple venture-backed tech startups and public companies, launched a viral YouTube channel with 1M+ views, produced multiple high-profile events and hackathons around the World in partnership with Fortune 500's, and designed, coded, and shipped multiple mobile apps and websites.

My collaborators think of me as a creative hustler who finds ways to hack problems as well as a strong product thinker capable of quickly blueprinting new companies and products.

My mission is to bring at least one truly great product to market success in my lifetime, with an emphasis on making a material improvement to areas like education, empathy, mental health, creativity, and productivity.

My studies nowadays are around the brain and machine learning, where the World is today and where it can go, and the art of leading teams of talented professionals to build something great.



Discovered how to make $2000 selling hip-hop beats to rappers over the Internet



Created comedy videos viewed ~1M times on new video site called YouTube



Enrolled at USC Marshall School of Business



Built in-home tech support business in hometown to fund service trips to Korea and Guatemala


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Accepted invitation to GE|OMD Incubator in NYC and created HangTime, an app that tells you when your friends are nearby


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Joined Gobbler, a revolutionary platform for creators backed by industry leaders Elton John, John Legend, and executives from Apple, Pandora, Facebook, and Microsoft, that simplifies collaboration, keeps projects versioned and accessible, and connects them to their tools

Business Development Worked with VP of BD to create and grow high-profile partnerships
Recruitment Attracted 5,000+ applicants, placed 4 full-time hires and 7 interns
User Acquisition Drove acquisition of 20,000+ new users over 20 month period
Marketing / Community Launched monthly event series that grew by word-of-mouth from 10 members to 1000+ in 1 year. Attracted partnership from Grammy-award winning musicians



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Coded iOS app for VC fund in collaboration with a designer & back-end developer



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Brought to market a new education platform for learning creative & technical skills via video courses & 1:1 live mentorship from the Web's top teachers

◕ 2.3K users from 70+ countries ◕ 500,000+ streamed minutes of video ◕ 40K sessions ◕ 129K page views ◕ $3,000+ recurring revenue


Our story and why we moved on



Seeking product role, collaborators, and business opportunities. Studying machine learning, leadership, and the brain. Sharing marketplace ideas and observations on Medium.